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An Exclusive Interview with Tejasvi Addagada, A highly acclaimed Data Strategist and Author

Tejasvi Addagada is a data strategist helping large organizations transform their business operations into efficient value-chains. He helps to build and optimize strong corporate governance principles through data-based solutions encompassing ownership, governance, and risk. Tejasvi provides a wide range of services including digital transformation and process excellence that transform customer journeys. He currently heads data management and governance at a global financial institution while also being a data protection officer.

In the early years of his career, as a process and domain consultant, Tejasvi leveraged expertise to bring efficiency to value-chains in Banks. He is an early data provocateur in the industry, connected with many thought leaders, in standardizing multiple facets of data management. His write-ups address common challenges and opportunities that organizations need to embrace in carving their way forward.

The interview was first published on GrindSuccess; please click the link below for further reading.

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