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Data Risk Management: Essentials to Implement an Enterprise Control Environment by Tejasvi Addagada

About the book

You must hear this often if you manage any kind of risk – risk and value go together. And that’s true, of course for data! Both data and its infrastructure must be managed for their benefits and risks. The purpose of the book is to elaborate on this need to formalize data risk management. Today, regulations drive enterprises to assess data related risks. Prioritizing and managing data associated with financial or operational risk has been the corner-stone of most regulations like BCBS, CCAR, GDPR to name a few. Nevertheless, data risks can extend beyond regulations to improve existing control environments in companies. By doing so, we will maximize the potential of data capabilities to reach 100%.

About the author

Tejasvi Addagada is a data strategist with extensive experience in transforming Enterprises by setting-up formal functions such as data management, risk, privacy and Governance. He has implemented and overseen digital and native data solutions with custom operating models that are a cultural fit thus giving successful outcomes.

As a board member of such industry bodies as IQ International, Tejasvi develops interoperable standards for a wide range of data capabilities. Further, he has imparted trainings, in the industry and up-skills data practitioners to manage and govern data.

Tejasvi is one of the early thought leaders to have formalized data offices in enterprises, to maximise the outcomes from data capabilities. As a frequent speaker on the benefits of managing data, Tejasvi continuously shares his thoughts in multiple industry forums. In 2017, he authored a book on standardizing data management as services, translating his expertise in enabling boards to monetise data.

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