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How does data protection officer build confidence in customers by Privacy Engineering?

Today the business ecosystem is redefined by the way individuals work and communicate from distributed locations, the pace of digital evolution, growing security challenges, and guidance from regulators. Tejasvi Addagada, one of India’s first-generation data protection officers, says that this new normal has resulted in the accumulation of data, increased processing, and the birth of new technology.

With driving data protection and privacy, organizations are looking to manage personal data for an active focus on customer rights. Laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), IT Act, and upcoming PDPB guide how data can be collected from customers and then managed within their authority. Tejasvi states that the general principles of corporate governance for organizations are aligned to foster an environment of accountability, transparency, and trust, thereby supporting a more purposeful society.

The article is first published on Business Standard and can be accessed below at no cost.

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