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Tejasvi Addagada has announced his next book, on Data Risk Management, pointing to risks

You must hear this often if you manage any kind of risk - risk and value, go together. And that's true, of course! It becomes evident as we hear phrases like "data is the new oil" and "data fuels the digital economy" that data must be managed actively along with technology and people. Both the data and its infrastructure must be managed for their benefits and risks. Popular data domains where risk management has been extended to include data quality, regulatory and compliance reporting, ethics, privacy, data-centric security, data requirement management, and operations, to name a few. Tejasvi Addagada has ventured into this new book to expand on this need for formalizing the management of data risks. He is a popular thought-leader in the data and analytics space and has worked with Fortune 500 companies helping them monetize data. Tejasvi is also the author of a best-seller, data management and governance services – simple and effective approaches

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