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Tejasvi Addagada

Tejasvi is an experienced business analyst, data strategist, and software architect.  He held prestigious roles like data & analytics head, Chief Data Officer (CDO), and Privacy Officer of Global organizations. Tejasvi is a best-selling author of two books on data management and data risk. Moreover, Tejasvi has assisted more than fifteen organizations in creating business models that won business benefits. He has provided contingency based strategy, culture oriented operating models, tailored organizational structures, while leveraging deep-technology engineering.

data analytics leader tejasvi addagada

Books & Publications

Data Risk Management
Data Risk Management - Essentials to implement an enterprise control environment

You must hear this often if you manage any kind of risk - risk, and value, go together. And that's true, of course, for data! Both data and its infrastructure must be managed for their benefits and risks. The purpose of the book is to elaborate on this need to formalize data risk management. 

Data Management and Governance Services
Data Management and Governance Services - Simple and Effective approaches

The book provides frameworks for business, operational, and technology leaders that are simple and effective in managing data. Many data offices have challenges in actively managing data and deriving consistent value from data science, Bigdata, and reporting programs.

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Tejasvi Addagada is a data practitioner and consultant assisting fortune 500 firms. He helps to build and optimize data management and governance solutions. Tej provides a wide range of services including data strategy, risk management, app service rationalization, digital transformation, and process excellence. 

Tejasvi Addagada, a big data analytics expert
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I write articles while I also speak about the aspects that intrigue me and that make organizations better at managing data and privacy.

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