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Value of data governance in an Organization - A view from a CDO, Tejasvi Addagada

The emergence of business models driven by data and the evolution of modern analytics and cloud capabilities have increased the interest in data management multifold. As a result, enterprises are breaking down data siloes, transforming their data architectures, and democratizing access to data tools to accelerate decision-making.

But the journey to the data-driven enterprise remains challenging, riddled with roadblocks, from budgeting issues to buy-in difficulties. Sound data governance practices can’t be given short shrift in the rush to unlock hidden insights from data.

With all that, in addition to privacy and compliance laws continually evolving across the globe, the chief data officer role has become a highly challenging—and enterprise-critical—balancing act. To learn more about how data leaders embrace the challenge, met Tejasvi Addagada, chief data officer at HDFC Bank, to discuss the various aspects of data impacting enterprises today.

The complete interview is available for further reading below -

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